The Laboratory of Health Economics & Management (LabHEM) of UniPi was awarded the Silver Medal for its Research & Academic Work, as the second Leading Research Institute in Greece at the Healthcare Business Awards 2021 in the category of Research Project in Universities / Educational Institutions / Research Centers.

The institution that rewards the best practices of entrepreneurship, innovation and social contribution in the health sector, was organized for the 6th year, on September 20, with a large participation of representatives of the wider health sector. It awarded individuals, health organizations, businesses, research institutes as well as other organizations - public or private - whose work contributes substantially to the protection and improvement of Health.
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The Laboratory of Health Economics and Management activities focus is the research and study of the theory and policy of health economics, the evaluation of Health Technology as well as the production of applied research in the fields of development planning and health development policy in international, European, national, regional and local level. Director of the Laboratory, since 2016 is Athanasios Vozikis, Assistant Professor of Health Economics and Information Systems at the Department of Economics.
It should be noted that LabHEM has been awarded medals for its Research and Educational Activities consistently every year since 2018.
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