The works of the International Conference MAER - NET Colloquium 2021 were successfully completed on Saturday, October 23.

The central theme of the conference, which is also the subject of the international network MAER - NET, is the further development of economics through meta-analysis. It was organized by the Department of Economics of the University of Piraeus, with Professor Chletsos Theologos - Michail as host.
The technique of meta-analysis, which is an objective and quantitative methodology used to synthesize (eg, combine and summarize) the results of research studies conducted on a specific research question in the past to lead to an overall conclusion, is widely used outside of economics and in other sciences such as medicine, psychology, sociology.
Guest speakers at the Conference were John Ioannidis, Professor at Stanford University and Pedro Bom from the University of Duesto, Spain. The Conference was attended by many distinguished scientists in the field of meta-analysis such as Professor Tom Stanley of Deakin University, Martin Paldam of the University of Aarhus, Thomas Havranek of Charles University, Sebastian Gechert of Chemnitz University of Technology and others.
MAER-Net (Meta-Analysis of Economics Research) is an international network of scholars committed to improving economic science through meta-analysis. The purpose of the network is to serve as a clearinghouse for research in meta-analysis and economics and to improve the communication among scholars in this rapidly growing field.