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We all use this free and multilingual digital encyclopedia, but how many of us know who is writing it? Based on an openly editable content model and with written collaboration from anonymous volunteers, it is enriched every day with new entries and more details. Approximately 72,000 active contributors work on more than 48,000,000 articles in 302 languages, making it one of the largest reference sites and attracting 374 million unique visitors per month, making it the second most visited website in the world.
This October, the Financial Libraries Network in collaboration with the Wikipedia Community User Group in Greece and the Department of Archives, Librarianship and Information Systems of the University of West Attica, organized the "Laboratory of entries of economic terms” which was hosted by the Library of the University of Piraeus. wiki2

Professionals and students, librarians, economists and those interested in the methodology of adding terms to Wikipedia attended the workshop.
The keynote speaker was Markellos Stevis from the Wikimedia org, who explained the philosophy behind Wikipedia and guided participants on how to post new terms, improve existing financial terms and familiarized those interested in adding and updating terms on Wikipedia.
The new terms added to Wikipedia by the Network : Economic Literacy, Gross Domestic Product, Gross National Product, Productivity, Sampling, Currency, Entrepreneurship, National Accounts, Intangible Bond, Budget, Private Bank, Harokiopio University, H.E.LI.N. (Hellenic Economic Library Network), MarLiNet (Maritime Libraries Network).
WIKIPEDIA: from wiki a Hawaiian word that means quickly and encyclopedia.