Hundreds of students and official guests gathered in the Main Building Conference Hall of the University of Piraeus, during the event on the "International Parliamentary Scholarships" program organized by the University of Piraeus and the Political Department of the German Embassy.

The Program under the auspices of the German Parliament Bundestag and the Hellenic Parliament, with the Universities of Berlin includes events, seminars and paid internships in the offices of German MPs.
The Program annually awards 120 scholarships from 41 countries around the world and the participants are actively involved in democratic processes, in order to familiarize themselves with the German Parliamentary system and the political decision-making process through a five-month internship with a Member of Parliament. germanoi2
In his greeting, the Dean of the Business Economics and International Studies School, Professor Angelos Kotios, described the scholarship as a life changing opportunity for young people of Greece as a result of his own experience as a researcher and member of the University Interdisciplinary Research Team. of Tübingen "Internationale und Europäische Wirtschaftsordnung" ("International and European Economic Order").
Member of the SPD, Steffen-Claudio Lemme, did not hide his enthusiasm for the mass attendance of young Greeks in the University Hall for the presentation of this program and referred to how much those interested can find motivation in it and significant benefits.
The Head of the Department of International Affairs at the Freie Universität Dr. Herbert Grieshop, introduced the collaborators of the Berlin University program (Freie Universität Berlin, Humboldt Universität and Technische Universität).
Dr. Sven Vollrath explained procedural issues related to the program German Literature graduate George Georgiadis presented his own experience as a Greek IPS fellow and then together with Dr. Herbert Grieshop answered questions from the audience.
The Head of International Relations of the University and Deputy Rector of the University of Piraeus, Professor of the Department of Economics, Pantelis Pantelidis attended the presentation.

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